Kuwait Taxi Service’s FAQs page provides answers to common questions about our taxi services, booking process, payment methods, services offered, safety and security, and accessibility. Whether you’re a first-time customer or a regular rider, our FAQs page is a helpful resource for getting the information you need quickly and easily.

General Questions

Kuwait Taxi Service is also known as Q8 Taxi Service. Q8 is the country code for Kuwait, and it is often used to represent Kuwait in various contexts, including taxi services.

We serve the entire Kuwait City area, including the airport, major hotels, and popular tourist destinations.

Kuwait Taxi Service offers a variety of taxi services, including airport transfers, city tours, corporate transportation, special event transportation, parcel delivery, and school transportation.

You can book a taxi with Kuwait Taxi Service by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to +96597691676.

Booking Process

Kuwait Taxi Service recommends booking your taxi at least 24 hours in advance, especially for airport transfers and special events. However, they can often accommodate last-minute bookings as well.

When booking a taxi with Kuwait Taxi Service, you will need to provide your name, contact information, pick-up and drop-off locations, preferred time of travel, and the number of passengers.

Kuwait Taxi Service does not currently offer a mobile app with real-time tracking. However, you can call or send a WhatsApp message to +96597691676 to check on the status of your taxi.

Payment Methods

Kuwait Taxi Service accepts cash only. This is because we want to keep our fares as low as possible for our customers. Credit card and debit card payments incur additional fees, which we would have to pass on to our customers in the form of higher fares.

Yes, you can pay for your taxi ride in advance when booking by phone or WhatsApp.

Services Offered

Yes, Kuwait Taxi Service offers airport transfers to and from Kuwait International Airport.

Yes, Kuwait Taxi Service offers city tours of Kuwait City and the surrounding area.

Yes, Kuwait Taxi Service offers corporate transportation services for businesses and organizations.

Yes, Kuwait Taxi Service offers special event transportation for weddings, parties, concerts, and other special events.

Safety and Security

Yes, Kuwait Taxi Service’s taxis are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Yes, all of Kuwait Taxi Service’s drivers undergo thorough background checks before being hired.


Yes, Kuwait Taxi Service has a number of wheelchair-accessible taxis available. Please let them know when booking if you require a wheelchair-accessible taxi.